UK Guidance update with MORE Submissions & Production API

The UK government has recently updated its guidance for CE marked medical devices in Great Britain with new information on MORE Submissions and Production API.

MORE Submissions and Production API are two important tools that manufacturers can use to streamline the submission process for their medical devices. MORE Submissions is an online portal that allows manufacturers to submit their applications for CE marking, while Production API is a tool that enables automated data exchange between manufacturers and regulators.

The latest update to the guidance includes information and links to the MORE Submissions guidance and MORE production API guidance. Manufacturers can access these resources to learn more about the requirements and processes involved in using these tools.

By leveraging MORE Submissions and Production API, manufacturers can expedite the approval process for their medical devices and ensure they are compliant with regulations. This can help to reduce delays and improve the efficiency of the overall regulatory process.

It is important for manufacturers to stay up to date with the latest guidance and regulations to ensure their medical devices are safe and compliant. The UK government’s updated guidance provides valuable information to facilitate the regulatory process for CE marked medical devices in Great Britain.

For more information, please refer to the link: Guidance update


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